Our Mission

Kwethu Children’s Village is a safe home for orphans and vulnerable children and a place for vulnerable youth to learn and be mentored toward their desired future, in the way of Jesus, and by the inspiration of His life and teaching.

Our Work

Kwethu Children’s Village is a residential home for orphans and vulnerable children impacted by poverty and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  Our facility is one of the only residential refuges for children in the Mbabazane / Estcourt region of Central Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Kwethu extends its calling to serve youth into the community with a program called Bridging the Gap, targeting vulnerable 15-24 year-olds in a bid to mitigate HIV/AIDS ongoing threat, as well as to promote a culture of excellence and motivated personal vision among young people.

Kwethu Children’s Village is located in the heart of the Amangwe tribal area which includes Injesuthi Valley.  This heavily populated rural area provides a work force for the local tourism industry and heritage farms in the area.  Kwethu means ‘Our Home‘ and  its  warm atmosphere of belonging is extended as a community of great happiness, love and discipline .

Education success is heavily emphasized with daily study hall, excellent career guidance and tutoring. The children attend local schools. Ubuntu Education Fund /Loskop provides funding to support the education goals, which include tertiary education or vocational training for a productive future for the children in our care.

Kwethu is currently sheltering 15 children ranging from 10 years to 19 years.  The staff caring for the children are capable and mature.  Management of the project is directed by a Board. Our Management Committee, under the capable direction of the Operations Manager, meets weekly. Cluster Foster registration is poised to be awarded by DSD in 2016, at which time we hope to take in small children, under the care of a trained caregiver.