There are three streams to our program goals: Foster Care, Education & Youth Development, and Self-Sustainability.

Foster Care

Orphans and vulnerable children are placed with us by the Department of Social Development and qualify for foster grants. Pre-primary and primary school children are placed in 2 houses of 6 children each. They are loved and nurtured by mature caregivers, screened and trained by Department of Social Development.  The Youth Hostel is under the guidance and care of capable staff woman, with the assistance of a male and female intern.

The Youth Hostel for Grades 9 -12 is designed for semi-independent living, under the counsel, care, and discipline of the House Mom,  and assisted by a mentor-youth worker and assistant administrator.  A Life Skills program teaches practical knowledge such as cooking, clothing repair, First Aid, money management, personal health care including sexual reproductive health, healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Education & Youth Development

We place a strong emphasis on education for orphans and vulnerable children in our care. We implement it by daily study hall, computer experience in our computer center, field trips, and volunteers who teach English. Our computer center provides regular access to computers, under occasional guidance of a trained computer teacher.

While Zulu is the mother tongue and a robust Zulu culture is encouraged at Kwethu, all the children learn English to support school success. We use enrichment activities such as field trips, workshops, math and science ‘camps’ during holidays.

The Kwethu Board initiated a Boarding Program for needy, academically capable teenagers. Four places in the Youth Hostel are set aside for these youth who stay through matric year. Sponsors will be sought for financial backing for these teenagers. The cost is R1000 per month.

With 2/3 of the South African population under 35 years according to the 2014 census, the board and staff of Kwethu have firmly committed to youth outreach. We want to provide opportunity for selected youth of our area to have a better chance at a productive future.

Inspirational and motivational weekly meeting is for all youth, whether residential, entrepreneurial, vulnerable, or excelling students.  We dream of having a Saturday afternoon where 100 or more youth gather for singing, worship, spiritual and motivational talks and learning.

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is a program for 15-24 year-olds recruited from among the large number you post-matric youth in the wider community who sit at home doing nothing. This age group has the highest rate of new HIV/AIDS infections in South Africa. Our goal is to provide a restored sense of dignity and identity for these young people, based on spiritual values resulting from being introduced to the Person and teachings of Jesus. Confidence, knowledge, computer training, basic entrepreneurial skills start the young person along a path of utilizing their abilities and dreams to make a future for themselves. Kwethu provides a venue for training and startup businesses, supervised by Kwethu staff.

Pursuit of Excellence

Pursuit of Excellence is an initiative in which the top 5 learners in Gr 7 and Gr 11, in various local schools, are identified and rewarded for their diligence and capabilities. We believe that by rewarding excellence, with resources such as career counselling and English language fluency, these students, most of whom are from impoverished homes, will continue the path towards success. This initiative has its own budget and staff, while Kwethu provides the meeting venue, sport activities and computer center.


Kwethu Children’s village will establish a business(es) that will generate income for the village, provide local employment and produce goods or food for the regional market.

We aim to provide office and production space, as well as a point of sale place for small businesses run independently, such as Amangwe Zulu Crafts, Independent Ceramic Artists and Bridging  the Gap Gateway business projects.

The garden is planned for small scale vegetable growing, marketed to local restaurants and shops.